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R 13,900

Anger Management

Rossi del Vino

1 80cm x 80cm

The raw energy of anger & Augmented Reality

This artwork is commissioned and requires up to 14 days lead time before shipping

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Download the Artivive App, point your phone camera to the artwork image and see how the artist has used augmented reality to create new dimensions.
Use Artivive to view art with augmented reality
Use Artivive to view art with augmented reality
Use Artivive to view art with augmented reality

A group of angry comic figures expressing their frustration. Their exaggerated facial expressions and body language vividly convey their intense emotions, capturing the raw energy of anger. In the background, a woman is seen releasing her own frustrations.

However, amidst the chaos and frustration, a young superhero girl emerges as a beacon of hope. She confidently walks through the scene, holding a futuristic weapon across her shoulders. On her shirt, we find the text “It’s a Rossi thing you wouldn’t understand,” adding a touch of personal identity and individuality to the artwork. It suggests a connection between the artist and the artwork, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the message and interpretation of the piece. The urban setting serves as a backdrop for this vibrant and expressive scene. The cityscape with its graffiti adds an edgy and contemporary feel to the composition.

Moreover, “Anger management” offers a hidden layer of content that can be revealed through the use of augmented reality (AR) technology. By using the Artivive app, viewers can unlock additional interactive elements and digital surprises embedded within the artwork. This AR experience allows for a deeper exploration of the piece and adds an interactive dimension to the viewing process.

Through the Artivive app, viewers can point their device towards specific areas of the artwork, triggering visual effects. This interactive component enhances the overall engagement and immerses viewers in an augmented reality that brings the artwork to life.

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Rossi del Vino

Interview with the artist

I have a passion for the fascinating world of digital art, where imagination and technology collide to create mesmerising visual experiences.

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