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  • Simon Jones - Noordhoek Picnic

    Noordhoek Picnic

    Simon Jones

    86cm x 83cm

    R 98,000
  • Munro - The multitude to sit down on the grass

    The multitude to sit down on the grass


    122cm x 60,5cm

    R 22,000
  • Claudia Traegus - Lilies Greetings

    Lilies Greetings

    Claudia Treagus

    90.5cm x 61.5cm

    R 7,500
  • Johan Alberts - Naeemah in this pop art based off Lichtenstein's Dyptych "Swimmers" pop art portrait

    Naeemah – to be carefree

    Johan Alberts

    59.4 x 42cm (A2)

    R 2,200
  • Richard Scott - Stop Me

    Stop me

    Richard Scott

    60cm x 60cm

    R 8,900
  • Anastasia Sarantinou - Conversations with a Crow

    Conversations with a Crow

    Anastasia Sarantinou

    120cm x 90cm

    R 16,900
  • Ally Hall - Industrial People 7

    Industrial People 7

    Ally Hall

    71cm x 51cm

    R 10,900
  • John Catlin - Tranquil


    John Catlin

    83cm x 63cm

    R 16,500
  • Ivan Smith - Clerk of the Course (Digitally printed on Acrylic Glass)

    Clerk of the Course

    Ivan Smith

    41cm x 41cm or 100cm x 100cm

    R 995R 13,000
  • Claire Denarié-Soffietti - Myrrhe Églantine

    Myrrhe Églantine

    Claire Danarié-Soffietti

    130cm x 110cm

    R 180,000
  • Rossi del Vino - Lisa's Untamed Soul (Augmented Reality Artwork)

    Lisa’s Untamed Soul

    Rossi del Vino

    80cm x 80cm

    R 13,900
  • David Kuijers - Cape Town Table Bay

    Cape Town Table Bay

    David Kuijers

    37cm x 37cm

    R 990
  • Alida Cahi - Sneezy


    Alida Cahi

    42cm x 30cm

    R 1,595
  • Babra Allen - Love at First Sight

    Love at First Sight

    Babra Allen

    100.5cm x 100.5cm

    R 12,900
  • Taryn Treisman - Time to Travel

    Time To Travel

    Taryn Treisman

    100cm x 100cm

    R 13,500
  • Claire Denarié-Soffietti - Mercedes


    Claire Danarié-Soffietti

    120cm x 80cm

    R 154,000
  • Ally Hall - Mankind is Falling

    Mankind is Falling

    Ally Hall

    100cm x 70cm

    R 12,000
  • Alida Cahi - Chanel no5

    Chanel no5

    Alida Cahi

    42cm x 30cm

    R 1,595

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