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  • Simon Jones - Rustic Station

    Rustic Station

    Simon Jones

    104cm x 79cm

    R 90,000
  • Kyle Jardine - Midnight


    Kyle Jardine

    150cm x 120cm

    R 28,000
  • Maria Viktor - Favourite


    Maria Viktor

    150cm x 150cm

    R 25,750
  • Ally Hall - City Boy

    City Boy

    Ally Hall

    91cm x 76cm

    R 14,000
  • Kyle Jardine - Warm up

    Warm up

    Kyle Jardine

    70cm x 49cm

    R 5,000
  • Riana Gear - Elephant in the Room

    Elephant in the Room

    Riana Gear

    150cm x 100cm

    R 18,500
  • Kyle Jardine - Suburban Safari

    Suburban Safari

    Kyle Jardine

    152cm x 122cm

    R 22,500
  • Ally Hall - Dropping the boys off

    Dropping the boys off

    Ally Hall

    76cm x 50cm

    R 9,800
  • Richard Scott - Let's Go Joyride

    Let’s Go Joyride

    Richard Scott

    64cm x 43cm

    R 11,950
  • Riana Gear - Homeland Cosy Comfort

    Homeland Cosy Comfort

    Riana Gear

    100cm x 120cm (each piece) - 306cm x 120 (together)

    R 48,500
  • Maria Viktor - The happiness floated

    Her Happiness Floated

    Maria Viktor

    120cm x 90cm

    R 11,900
  • Richard Scott - Posing for the boys on our joyride

    Posing for the Boys on Our Joyride

    Richard Scott

    64cm x 43cm

    R 11,950
  • Richard Scott - Let's go on a Joyride together

    Let’s Go on a Joyride Together

    Richard Scott

    64cm x 43cm

    R 11,950
  • Richard Scott - My Italian Joyride

    My Italian Joyride

    Richard Scott

    64cm x 43cm

    R 11,950
  • Simon Jones - Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem

    Simon Jones

    83cm x 83cm

    R 90,000
  • David Kuijers - 17 percent water

    75% Water

    David Kuijers

    37cm x 37cm

    R 990
  • Klye Jardine - High Tea

    High Tea

    Kyle Jardine

    ⌀ 130cm

    R 26,500
  • Kyle Jardine - Full House

    Full House

    Kyle Jardine

    70cm x 51cm

    R 5,000

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