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  • Ivan Smith - Technical Director (Digitally printed on Acrylic Glass)

    Technical Director

    Ivan Smith

    41cm x 41cm or 100cm x 100cm

    R 950R 13,000
  • Ally Hall - Faces of this World

    Faces of this World

    Ally Hall

    100cm x 70cm

    R 14,000
  • Ally Hall - Industrial People 6

    Industrial People 6

    Ally Hall

    80cm x 60cm

    R 12,000
  • Maria Viktor - Favourite


    Maria Viktor

    150cm x 150cm

    R 25,750
  • Ally Hall - Dropping the boys off

    Dropping the boys off

    Ally Hall

    76cm x 50cm

    R 9,800
  • Carol Bourgonje - Watchers


    Carol Bourgonje

    150cm x 90cm

    R 13,900
  • Alida Cahi - Together


    Alida Cahi

    75.5cm x 51cm

    R 4,850
  • Richard Scott - Trust the Process

    Trust the Process

    Richard Scott

    61cm x 61cm

    R 16,500
  • Ally Hall - City Boy

    City Boy

    Ally Hall

    91cm x 76cm

    R 14,000
  • Makiwa Mutomba - Ice Cream Boys

    Ice Cream Boys

    Makiwa Motumba

    80.5cm x 58cm

    R 65,000
  • Maria Viktor - The happiness floated

    Her Happiness Floated

    Maria Viktor

    120cm x 90cm

    R 11,900
  • Richard Scott - Candy Mandy

    Candy Mandy

    Richard Scott

    86cm x 61cm

    R 16,100
  • Makiwa Mutomba - The Yellow Fishing Boat

    The Yellow Fishing Boat

    Makiwa Motumba

    120cm x 120cm

    R 126,000
  • Maria Viktor - The power of the dog

    The Power Of The Dog

    Maria Viktor

    130cm x 130cm

    R 19,900
  • Ally Hall - Are We Just Pawns

    Are We Just Pawns

    Ally Hall

    80cm x 60cm

    R 14,000
  • Alida Cahi - I Love Gucci

    I Love Gucci

    Alida Cahi

    42cm x 30cm

    R 1,295
  • Ally Hall - Bird in Hand

    Bird in Hand

    Ally Hall

    38cm x 20cm

    R 2,400
  • Victoria Rose - Take a Bow

    Take a bow

    Victoria Rose

    120cm x 120cm

    R 29,900

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