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Friendly service

I was captivated by the collection in the Sea Point Gallery window and ended up browsing your website and purchase a piece online. Thank you for the unexpected discovery and the friendly service.

Joan T

Reviewed by Amy S.

Amy S

Super Experience

I recently purchased a stunning piece from this gallery, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. The artwork arrived promptly and was securely packaged to ensure it arrived in perfect condition. I’m grateful to have discovered You&I Gallery and look forward to adding more pieces to my collection.

Harald G

Happy with my purchase

I have purchased a couple of prints from the Sea Point store and have been very happy with them! The store is clean & fresh and the service is very helpful:)

Shane F

Hospitable and Friendly

It’s always such a pleasure to visit You&I! Henry and his team are hospitable and friendly, you can browse for hours without feeling out of place. We love attending the first Thursday evenings and exhibitions where we’ve met some great local artists.

Yvi B

A Must See

This gallery is a must see when you are in Cape Town. The gallery manager was extremely helpful and friendly and the art is beautiful. I would highly recommend giving the gallery a visit if you are looking to buy art or just in search of inspiration.

Anneke R

Reviewed by Mariamne W.

Mariamne W

Enjoyed the visit

Lovely little modern art gallery tucked away in a side street. The curator is friendly and chatty and is happy to share info about the pieces on display or the artists. I enjoyed the visit.

Caron K

Incredible Art

I’m very excited about this gallery that opened in Kloofnek. The art inside is absolutely incredible! Thanks so much for the warm welcome and I cannot wait to visit again. Would definitely recommend checking them out when in the area.

Lydia J

Something of everyone

Something of everyone! Art that’s modern and price range also very good. Love the vibe in the gallery, so inspiring! Worth a visit!

Jozelle M

Reviewed by Sandy M

Sandy M

Reviewed by Jacqueline B

Jacqueline B

Great art and service

Wow! Exceptional service and a delightful surprise – the art arrived even sooner than I had hoped! Thank you for an outstanding experience!


Perfect art, made my day

Unpacking it was an absolute delight! The art was in perfect condition and even more breathtaking than I had anticipated. Thank you for brightening my day.

Phili K

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