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Let’s Go on a Joyride Together


Richard Scott

1 64cm x 43cm
\ Ready to hang: No
) Freestanding: No
V Framed: No
j Signed: Yes
 Print: Yes
This is a print of an original artwork

This print is part of a limited series of 100 prints

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R 12,200

In this blue background print, a topless woman and man sit on a scooter with another scooter in the background.


Richard Scott

Let’s Go on a Joyride Together

( This is a print of an original artwork )

In this limited edition print a woman drapes herself around a man. Both figures are expressionless, seated on a scooter, and painted in thick bold lines. Another scooter is idle in the background. The background is a baby blue colour and textured.

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Richard Scott

I have always had a passion to create, now I had found how I could marry my hatred of conditioning with my love of art.

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Richard Scott - Let's go on a Joyride together

Let’s Go on a Joyride Together

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R 12,200

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