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Taryn Treisman

Guided by creativity and spontaneity, a free and timeless spirit, Taryn creates pop art and fine custom artwork for you and your family.

Taryn is a Tel Aviv based artist well known for her distinctive contemporary street pop art. With her love of tech and art, she combines both digital with acrylic on perspex, metal and canvas.

Artwork by Taryn Treisman
Taryn Treisman - The Simpsons
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The Simpsons

106cm x 104cm

R 28,900

Taryn Treisman - Scribble Lady
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Scribble Lady

83cm x 60cm

R 10,000

Taryn Treisman - Popeye
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112cm x 112cm

R 21,900

Taryn Treisman - Not an NFT
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Not an NFT

114cm x 110cm

R 38,900

Taryn Treisman - Bart Supreme
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Bart Supreme

80cm x 80cm

R 13,900

Taryn Treisman - John Lennon "Imagine"
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John Lennon “Imagine”

100cm x 100cm

R 16,500

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My subject matter combines nature with fashion, whether it is a bird, a sneaker or a floral painting. I combine digital with traditional art most of the time, acrylic, puff paints and digital graffiti to capture movement and fun— making the brush dance and my soul sing. Everything is captured in the spontaneous dance and movement of the paint sploshes as it meets the perspex, metal or canvas, creating an organised mess.

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