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Stuart Valentine-Rambridge

All around you is beauty, if you look.

Artwork by Stuart Valentine-Rambridge
Stuart Valentine-Rambridge - Dappled Heart

90cm x 90cm

R 12,000

Stuart Valentine-Rambridge - Shine Africa

150cm x 150cm

R 44,000

Stuart Valentine-Rambridge - A Step at a Time

127cm x 101.7cm

R 29,900

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Through art, I display my feelings and dreams to share them for others to see.

My art alway involves symbols.

It is mainly surreal and largely influenced by African art.

About the Artist

I was born in 1964 in Plymouth England, to a South African mother and UK trained carpenter. I then moved to Cape Town in 1966 with my family. As a young adult I attained a one year Fashion Diploma from Natal Technikon before moving back to Cape Town.

I am a self taught artist. Various art periods such as Pop Art, Surrealism, Art Deco and African Art have influenced my painting process which itself varies in style. Painting is my dominant medium, having worked in oils, acrylic and gouache. In these various mediums I explore fantasy worlds of sexual innuendos as well as African and Khoi-San symbolism.

I have exhibited at multiple galleries in South Africa and my work has featured in several interior decorating magazines such as Habitat, Home Owner and De Kat.

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