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  • Laura Wenman - Glowing on

    Glowing on

    Laura Wenman

    120cm x 90cm

    R 36,000
  • Riana Gear - Elephant in the Room

    Elephant in the Room

    Riana Gear

    150cm x 100cm

    R 18,500
  • Fiona Ewan Rowett - What the Moon Said

    What the Moon Said (1)

    Fiona Ewan Rowett

    50cm x 50cm

    R 5,900
  • Clea Witte - Jack & Ellie

    Jack & Ellie

    Clea Witte

    140cm x 80cm

    R 38,000
  • Adolfo Mcque - Griqua Forest

    Griqua Forest

    Adolfo Mcque

    120cm x 90cm

    R 17,985
  • Riana Gear - Canned Wisdom

    Canned Wisdom

    Riana Gear

    63cm x 63cm

    R 7,950
  • Monique Koning - Frida


    Mo Nique

    120cm x 100cm

    R 32,500
  • Nicci Swartz - Ruby


    Nicci Swartz

    150cm x 150.5cm

    R 45,000
  • Johan Alberts - Wisteria Waseme - Let them Talk

    Wisteria Waseme – Let Them Talk

    Johan Alberts

    77cm x 77cm

    R 14,000
  • Claudia Traegus - St James Beach

    St. James Beach

    Claudia Treagus

    120cm x 80cm

    R 16,950
  • Riana Gear - Another Fun Day

    Another Fun Day

    Riana Gear

    91.5cm x 91.5cm

    R 14,000
  • Nicci Swartz - The Winehouse

    The Winehouse

    Nicci Swartz

    180cm x 120cm

    R 45,000
  • Johan Alberts - Fuchsia Folami - Honour and Respect me

    Fuchsia Folami – Honour and Respect me

    Johan Alberts

    77cm x 77cm

    R 14,000
  • Riana Gear - Homeland Cosy Comfort

    Homeland Cosy Comfort

    Riana Gear

    100cm x 120cm (each piece) - 306cm x 120 (together)

    R 48,500
  • Riana Gear - Homeland Cape

    Homeland Cape

    Riana Gear

    100cm x 100cm

    R 15,000
  • Libby Harrison - The Waterfall

    The Waterfall

    Libby Harrison

    130cm x 100cm

    R 19,500
  • Carol Bourgonje - Give Me A Moment

    Give Me A Moment

    Carol Bourgonje

    140cm x 140cm

    R 26,000
  • Libby Harrison - The Golden Pond

    The Golden Pond

    Libby Harrison

    90cm x 90cm

    R 14,000

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