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  • Johan Alberts - Noeemah - To be Carefree

    Naeemah – To be Carefree

    Johan Alberts

    102cm x 102cm

    R 20,000
  • Johan Alberts - Abiona in this pop art based off Lichtentstein's "In The Car"

    Abiona In The Car (Print)

    Johan Alberts

    59.4 x 42cm (A2)

    R 2,200
  • Tia Gerber - It's not complicated

    It’s not complicated

    Tia Gerber

    120cm x 100cm each

    R 28,900
  • Micke Buitentag - Aura


    Micke Buitendag

    180cm x 100cm

    R 24,500
  • Makiwa Mutomba - Ice Cream Boys

    Ice Cream Boys

    Makiwa Motumba

    80.5cm x 58cm

    R 65,000
  • Stephan Cronje - Goosebumps 2

    Goosebumps 2

    Stephan Cronje

    120cm x 46cm

    R 9,000
  • Kyle Jardine - Beginners


    Kyle Jardine

    50cm x 35cm

    R 4,000
  • Ally Hall - She resides on a Pink Cloud

    She resides on a Pink Cloud

    Ally Hall

    120cm x 60cm

    R 12,000
  • Driekie - Fundamental Waters

    Fundamental Waters


    120cm x 100cm

    R 30,000
  • Riana Gear - Homeland Cosy Comfort

    Homeland Cosy Comfort

    Riana Gear

    100cm x 120cm (each piece) - 306cm x 120 (together)

    R 48,500
  • Patrick Rapai - Going Home

    Going Home

    Patrick Rapai

    40cm x 30cm

    R 3,000
  • Babra Allen - Glamorous Enchantements

    Glamorous Enchantments

    Babra Allen

    120cm x 100cm

    R 12,900
  • Stuart Valentine-Rambridge - A Step at a Time

    A Step at a Time

    Stuart Valentine-Rambridge

    127cm x 101.7cm

    R 29,900
  • Glen Tong - Whirlpool


    Glen Tong

    150cm x 100cm

    R 23,900
  • Victoria Rose - Dèjá Vu

    Dèjá Vu

    Victoria Rose

    140cm x 80cm

    R 25,000
  • Simon Jones - Clifton Panorama

    Clifton Panorama

    Simon Jones

    113cm x 78cm

    R 105,000
  • Johan Alberts - Nneka a in this pop art based off Whistler's' "Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1" also known as "Whistler's Mother"

    Nneka Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1 (Print)

    Johan Alberts

    59.4 x 42cm (A2)

    R 2,200
  • Victoria Rose - Sippin on Sin

    Sippin on Sin

    Victoria Rose

    110cm x 90cm

    R 25,000

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