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  • Kyle Jardine - Harmony

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    Kyle Jardine

    180cm x 150cm

    R 31,000
  • Simona Jones - Warf Angels

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    Wharf Angels

    Simon Jones

    93.5cm x 79cm

    R 89,000
  • Tia Gerber - Make a Mark

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    Make a Mark

    Tia Gerber

    100cm x 100cm

    R 13,800
  • Driekie - Flow

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    120cm x 100cm

    R 30,000
  • Simon Jones - Clifton Panorama

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    Clifton Panorama

    Simon Jones

    113cm x 78cm

    R 105,000
  • Simon Jones - Noordhoek Picnic

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    Noordhoek Picnic

    Simon Jones

    86cm x 83cm

    R 98,000
  • Stuart Valentine-Rambridge - Dappled Heart

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    Dappled Heart

    Stuart Valentine-Rambridge

    90cm x 90cm

    R 12,000
  • Riana Gear - Coming up for air

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    Coming up for air

    Riana Gear

    40cm x 32cm

    R 4,800
  • Richard Scott - My Italian Joyride

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    My Italian Joyride

    Richard Scott

    64cm x 43cm

    R 11,950
  • Jozelle Mclea - Mountains to Explore

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    Mountains to Explore

    Jozelle McLea

    130cm x 104cm

    R 25,000
  • Jimmy Law - Shining Objects

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    Shining Objects

    Jimmy Law

    120cm x 120cm

    R 74,950
  • Angelika Anastasis - Day Dream

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    Day Dream

    Angelika Anastasis

    80cm x 70cm

    R 11,000
  • Tia Gerber - Down Time

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    Down Time

    Tia Gerber

    130cm x 100cm

    R 15,900
  • Carol Bourgonje - Remember the days

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    Remember the days

    Carol Bourgonje

    150cm x 150cm

    R 24,500
  • Thomas Catlin - Never say die bougainvillea

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    Never say die bougainvillea

    Thomas Catlin

    129cm x 104cm

    R 30,000
  • Tia Gerber - Open heart

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    Open Heart

    Tia Gerber

    60cm x 60cm

    R 7,900
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