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  • Ally Hall - Are We Just Pawns

    Are We Just Pawns

    Ally Hall

    80cm x 60cm

    R 14,000
  • Jimmy Law - Eleven Ghosts

    Eleven Ghosts

    Jimmy Law

    130cm x 130cm

    R 138,000
  • Carol Bourgonje - Give Me A Moment

    Give Me A Moment

    Carol Bourgonje

    140cm x 140cm

    R 26,000
  • Shannon Philips - Tranquility


    Shannon Philips

    95cm x 95cm

    R 8,900
  • Alida Cahi - Tintin on the Rope

    Tintin on the Rope

    Alida Cahi

    42cm x 30cm

    R 1,595
  • Shannon Philips - Go With The Flow

    Go With The Flow

    Shannon Philips

    140cm x 110cm

    R 16,900
  • Monique Koning "Mo Nique" - African Greys

    African Greys

    Mo Nique

    150cm x 120cm

    R 49,900
  • Rita Knoetze - Landing Zone

    Landing Zone

    Rita Knoetze

    100cm x 100cm

    R 16,900
  • Rita Knoetze - I am in Heaven

    I am in Heaven

    Rita Knoetze

    100cm x 100cm

    R 16,900
  • Spirit of the Sea - The Wings of a Butterfly

    The Wings of a Butterfly

    Shannon Philips

    100cm x 100cm

    R 10,900
  • Jimmy Law - Saviour


    Jimmy Law

    150cm x 117cm

    R 80,500
  • Karen Litson - Running Wild

    Running Wild

    Karen Litson

    140cm x 80cm

    R 13,900
  • Riana Gear - Moral Buffet

    Moral Buffet

    Riana Gear

    71.5cm x 71.5cm

    R 9,800
  • Shannon Philips - The Spirit of the Sea

    The Spirit of the Sea

    Shannon Philips

    160cm x 60cm

    R 10,500
  • Shannon Philips - As Deep As The Ocean

    As Deep As The Ocean

    Shannon Philips

    200cm x 80cm

    R 18,900
  • Tia Gerber - Paint my Love

    Paint my Love

    Tia Gerber

    60cm x 60cm

    R 6,500

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