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Victoria Rose

Interview with the artist

Of all the arts abstract painting is the most difficult, it demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for colours and that you be a true poet.

Artwork by Victoria Rose
Victoria Rose - Sailing the Skies

120cm x 100cm

R 26,000

Victoria Rose - Meet me for Tea

110cm x 90cm

R 25,000

Victoria Rose - Forbidden Fruit

130cm x 110cm

R 29,000

120cm x 120cm

R 29,900

Victoria Rose - The Watersedge

136cm x 75cm

R 26,000

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My paintings are purely aesthetic, and subsequently enhance any home or corporate space.

I employ a variety of materials, from inks and enamels to acrylics and varnishes.

Mixed media affords complete freedom of expression, while adding depth and interest to the painting.

About the Artist

My choice for expression is mixed media abstract painting, mixed with a touch of realism as its through these mediums I’m able to synthesise the passion and joy I feel while creating, into something tangible.

I draw inspiration from everything around me, nature holds a strong influence in my work, along with anything that captures my interest with its innate beauty, or images that evoke wonder and nostalgia and speak to the inner child

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