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Shannon Philips

“I create Inspirational and uplifting art for passionate people. My art is infused with tranquillity and peace, in the hope of making a difference in people’s lives”.

Artwork by Shannon Philips

160cm x 60cm

R 9,600

Shannon Philips - Pop Art 4

100cm x 75cm

R 8,400

Shannon Philips - Splash

160cm x 60cm

R 9,600

Shannon Philips - Beautiful

120cm x 80cm

R 12,500

Shannon Philips - Sunset

120cm x 35cm

R 4,800

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I love bringing the colour silver into my paintings, as it creates ‘light and reflections’ into my work. Abstract painting is my passion! I love different textures and I love spilling the paint onto a blank canvas.

The physical action of pouring the paint, just the doing of it and creating a work with balance and form elates me.

About the Artist

I am an established Camps Bay Seascape and Landscape abstract artist who uses my flair and intuition to add balance and form to my artwork.

Specialising in oil paint and mixed media my inspiration comes from my love of the sea and nature. I create artwork that is abstract, contemporary and mostly has a neutral pallet. I use colours of subtle hues and an earth tone palette. Subjects of various shapes, flowers, sea and landscapes are chosen subjects.

Inspired at an early age to be creative, my passion for art has continued to evolve and through experimenting in various mediums I have achieved a signature style.

Having had numerous triumphant exhibitions and exhibiting my works at many galleries, my art pieces are much sought after locally and internationally.

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