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Rita Knoetze


Artwork by Rita Knoetze
Rita Knoetze - Fire & Ice

130cm x 110cm

R 19,900

Rita Knoetze - Heaven is a place on Earth

90cm x 90cm each

R 21,900

Rita Knoetze - Landing Zone

100cm x 100cm

R 16,900

100cm x 100cm

R 16,900

Rita Knoetze - I am in Heaven

100cm x 100cm

R 16,900

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As creativity so long ago set up such powerful vibrations in my own soul that have never diminished, so I paint to cause lasting vibrations in yours.

Layering, the freedom and free flowing of Acrylics give the subject matter a life of its own. My paintings are happy – and hopefully speak life, hope and vibrancy when looking at them. Life is simply too short for negative thoughts.

Life, love and happiness inspire me to be a Spiritual Compass through my art.

I AM: One who feels deeply
And loves fiercely
My tears flow
Just as abundantly
As my laughter.

I AM: Both soft and powerful
Both practical
And Spiritual.

I AM: A person with a mind
A woman with attitude
And a lady with class.
In essence

I AM: A gift to the world.

About the Artist

I was born in the small town of Fochville in the Northwest Province of South Africa. The innocence of my childhood, playing and growing up in the countryside, manifested in my passion for artistic purity and honesty.

As a qualified Draughtswoman on the gold mines, I was the first lady to be appointed as Head of the Draughting Department at a gold mine in South Africa. Back in the eighties, this was a significant turning point for women in the industry, as it was previously a “man’s domain”

My initial paintings were all done in oil and mirrored my zeal for perfection, influenced by my draughting background. Those realistic works were well received and popular, but I always had the desire to discover my own unique creative voice.

As a self-taught artist with no formal art education, I started embracing my own style and from 2010 continued with impressionistic and abstract art. The freedom of this art form awakened my own spiritual and artistic voice. I paint because I WANT to express the URGE in me! There is simply too much “art” and “zest” within me that I want to share with the world!

I am currently living in Sedgefield, South Africa, where I am the resident artist for the Scarab Art and Craft Village. Over and above my passion for my personal art, I also do wildlife art for a company that prints the art on handmade ‘elephant dung paper,’ for local and worldwide distribution to game reserves and curio shops.

My art is found abundantly in homes throughout South Africa, as well as overseas in the USA, UK, Germany, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

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