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Lyle Pettitt

Interview with the artist

My focus is contemporary pop art primarily representing the female form.

Artwork by Lyle Pettitt
Lyle Pettitt - James Dean

108cm x 78cm

R 12,900

Lyle Pettitt - Kate

164cm x 105cm

R 21,900

144cm x 100.5cm

R 18,000

96cm x 72cm

R 12,900

Lyle Pettitt - Electric

96cm x 72cm

R 11,900

Lyle Pettitt - Fed up

96cm x 72cm

R 11,900

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About the Artist

Lyle Pettitt is a South African born artist who lives in Cape Town. Her love for fine art started at school where she took it as a subject. In 1995 she moved to Orlando, Florida where she furthered her art studies part time at The Crealde School of Arts. Here she took various courses in portrait drawing and painting whilst working as an apprentice in an art studio which specialised in fauve styles. During this period she learned to work with various mediums and gained significant painting experience.

She moved back to South Africa and worked as full-time commission artist where she sold over 100 pieces of art but had never really settled on her style until 2000 where she delved into screen printing with pop art being her primary focus with her biggest influence being Andy Warhol. The subject of her work during this period focused on famous celebrities. Unfortunately due to a family tragedy she stopped painting for 4 years.

She has since found renewed inspiration and has evolved back into art currently focusing on contemporary pop art primarily representing the female form. After losing herself through grief the realisation set in that woman are the life form of every family. This forms the foundation of her subject matter which emphasises the power of the female form. Her latest work is filled with vibrancy with a focus on bold contrasting colours.

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