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Kyle Jardine

Interview with the artist

“Allow your passion to become your purpose.”

I don’t do straight lines.

Artwork by Kyle Jardine

150cm x 150cm

R 35,000

120cm x 60cm

R 8,900

Kyle Jardine - Fire & Ice

121cm x 80cm

R 15,500

150cm x 120cm

R 33,000

120cm x 80cm

R 15,900

100cm x 100cm

R 14,500

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I have developed a following through my creations which share a perspective of mischief, naivety and a child like charm in my artwork.

My illustrative quality and attention to detail in my artwork showcase my free and meticulous style and approach.

With a passion for architecture, imaginative interiors, a magical use of colour and other playful themes, all display my unique outlook on life.

About the Artist

I am a Cape Town based visual artist, working in a contemporary pop art style. My work has a quirk and naivety that brings charm and personality to the ordinary. I have largely focused on architectural themes, both interior and exterior breathing a new life into usual objects. Influenced by the old and new, with an appreciation for history, heritage, prints, pop culture, interior design and fashion, these elements are translated and seen in my unique creations. I continue to grow and evolve as an artist, so do my musings for new subject matter.



2019 State of the art top 25 nationwide artist search 2020 Solo Exhibition – Heritage City
2020 Group Exhibition – Art is Art (Cape Town – South Africa)
2021 Group Exhibition – Young Blood Gallery (Cape Town – South Africa)
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