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Kim Pink

Artwork by Kim Pink
Kim Pink - Don't panic

68cm x 57.5cm

R 5,900

Kim Pink - Do you speak Gucci

91cm x 86cm

R 8,500

Kim Pink - No Bad Days

119cm x 95cm

R 13,000

68cm x 58.5cm

R 5,350

68cm x 58.5cm

R 5,350

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About the Artist

My friends call me Kim Pink. I mean is there really any other colour?

I live in Cape Town with my family, 3 dogs , fish and many wild birds who visit us so regularly that many visitors think they are our pets. I am constantly running images through head expanding on them, enhancing their colours and then laying them on paper. I draw a great deal of inspiration from memories of my childhood.

I enjoy loads of fine detail and vibrant colour. I love my work to tell a story. My work is mixed media, Acrylic and pen on paper. I frame all pieces unless otherwise requested.

The desire of my heart is that my art will uplift someone’s spirts and bring a smile to their lips, then I believe my job is done.

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