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John Catlin

Interview with the artist

Filled with freedom and movement. I let the paint do the painting just as much as I paint the painting.

Artwork by John Catlin
John Catlin - Serenity

123cm x 93cm

R 48,000

John Catlin - Resin Skull

17cm x 7cm x 5cm

R 8,250

John Catlin - Exuberance

143cm x 123cm

R 62,000

118cm Diameter

R 39,900

John Catlin - Summer Loving

78cm Diameter

R 16,900

John Catlin - Iridiscent

118cm Diameter

R 39,900

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About the Artist

From digital prints, fashion and fabric design, to fine art work, John has been a Cape Town creative for over twenty two years. In the art world John’s mother, Gail Catlin, has been his number one influence and mentor throughout his life. Gail has been teaching John for as long as he can remember and has pushed him to create new ideas and techniques to grow as a well-rounded artist. John Catlin has found most of his success as an artist in his early years through his oil paintings, but most recently has found new success in fill acrylic abstract works and abstract portraits along with perfecting his style of 3 dimensional (3d) perspex art which is a use of both his fine art and digital design background. His love for all things Art keeps pushing him to create new styles and techniques.

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