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Fiona Ewan Rowett

My passion is not to describe the visible world but to delve in the invisible – to reveal the concealed beauty.

Artwork by Fiona Ewan Rowett

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About the Artist

My abstract are characterised by rich shapes, textures and colours. I use collage and the layering of paint, with rubbing, scraping off and applying mor paint as forms emerge and disappear until balance fi found.

Over the 40 years of painting I’ve used various symbols to convey emotion or hint at an idea. It’s been interesting to see how these symbols have evolved over the years and are still being re-visited from time to time, e.g. – the pot or bowl shape – a symbol of home/security (after moving home several times in close succession) ; the letters used after reading my mother’s journals resulting in the “Secret” series. I sometimes combine these letters with the pot symbol as so much of life revolves around conversations at meal times.

Now, I am more interested in conveying emotions using abstract mark-making alone. A more challenging and difficult task, but very rewarding when the balance is achieved

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