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Cathy Layzell

Artwork by Cathy Layzell
Cathy Layzell - Eye of the Needle 2

180cm x 180cm

R 85,000

Cathy Layzell - Valley of the Red Gods IV

180cm x 180cm

R 95,000

180cm x 150cm

R 85,000

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About the Artist

Working in a gestural and abstract style, I investigate humankind’s evolving relationship to nature, where an impulse to shape, tame and control the natural world lives alongside a desire to yield to its wildness and danger.

At close range, the paintings are constructed from the textures of nature – rock, foliage, air, and water, appear nearly abstract – a dancing network of innumerable brushstrokes.

When painting I strive for unconscious creation; embracing the notion that the image is painting itself through me and that I am collaborating in something that is greater than myself. There is an element of unknowing and of surrender into possibilities that are beyond my control.

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