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Carol Bourgonje

I am intrigued by form, colour, line, texture, patterns and shape

Artwork by Carol Bourgonje
Carol Bourgonje - Maybe

150cm x 100cm

R 15,000

Carol Bourgonje - Lady Swim

90cm x 70cm

R 6,000

Carol Bourgonje - Untouchable

120cm x 90cm

R 16,000

Carol Bourgonje - Alluring

100cm x 100cm

R 11,000

Carol Bourgonje - Give Me A Moment

140cm x 140cm

R 26,000

Carol Bourgonje - Avatar Floral Labyrinth

180cm x 120cm

R 29,000

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About the Artist

Carol Bourgonje is a self-taught Intuitive Abstract Expressionist artist based in Cape Town, South Africa.

She found her artist self again during the lockdown months of 2020.

Ironically, the lockdown ‘unlocked’ the self-exploration journey that allowed her to tap into years of expression that was compelled to be released.

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