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Angelika Anastasis

Artwork by Angelika Anastasis
Angelika Anastasis - Humanity

126cm x 100cm

R 21,900

126cm x 100cm

R 19,900

126cm x 100cm

R 19,900

Angelika Anastasis - Dreamer

91cm x 61cm

R 8,500

80cm x 70cm

R 11,000

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About the Artist

I enjoy colour and thought provoking pieces, it was this aspect that recently won me the 2017 KZN Regional award for Ceramics South Africa for ceramic portrait work exhibited at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban.

In my painting I work in mixed media. I have exhibited locally and sell internationally. I am inspired by women, focusing on their strengths, vulnerabilities and Jungian archetypes. I write stories that explain my art and bring about the philosophy behind them.

My work is influenced by my psychology background. I trained in the UK as a hypnotherapist and psychic within the ‘mind-body’ space. A short stint working as a psychic for Madame Zingara helped me escape from the “mundane lift club life of suburbia”. Within this space I learnt of the significance of symbols seeing them as hints of one’s intuition to take direction.

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