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Anastasia Sarantinou

I find my inspiration in everyday life, a fleeting moment, an emotion or a colour

Artwork by Anastasia Sarantinou
Anastasia Sarantinou - Practice Makes Perfect

150cm x 50cm

R 8,500

Anastasia Sarantinou - Bilateral

120cm x 120cm

R 20,000

Anastasia Sarantinou - Aqua

120.5cm x 90.5cm

R 20,900

Anastasia Sarantinou - The Girl and the Fox

81cm x 81cm

R 10,900

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About the Artist

Anastasia Sarantinou is a South African Artist. She obtained a Fine Art Degree from the University of Technology Orange Free State in 1986 and specialised in Printmaking and silk screening as her major.

Since 1994 she has been painting full time. Her work often portrays the graphic feel of silk screening. Especially in her layering and obvious technique of exposing bottom layers as if “off registration”. She finds her inspiration in everyday life, a fleeting moment, an emotion or a colour. Mostly figurative work.
She strives to capture an emotion rather than a scene. Every painting has a story and in that story the emotion lies. Colour plays an important part in portraying this emotion.

Most of her work is executed by palette knife and very seldom with a brush. Anastasia has a studio in Muizenberg, Cape Town where she teaches every day.
She has been involved in many group exhibition and over the years her work has sold to numerous tourists and collectors from America, Europe and the UK.
She has done and still does a lot of commission work. She has devoted much of her time since 2013 in helping “young” artists break into the South African Art market.

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