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Ally Hall

Artwork by Ally Hall
Ally Hall - Hanging Outside the Club

80cm x 60cm

R 12,000

Ally hall -Over the Moon

35cm x 27cm

R 2,800

Ally Hall - Red bag

30.5cm x 21.5cm

R 2,800

Ally Hall - Cat lady

30cm x 27cm

R 2,800

Ally Hall - Moonlight

35cm x 22.5cm

R 2,800

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I work mostly intuitively, allowing the brush and spatula strokes to dictate what the painting will be. Mostly I see figures, human and animal and develop them, aware of expression, emotion, movement and carefully coordinating the colours. I use acrylics and sometimes mixed medium.

About the Artist

I was born in South Africa in 1961 and grew up on a farm. I was always interested in art and creating things like my own clothes and jewellery. Sadly I never thought I was good enough and did not study art formally or do it at school because the teacher was so intimidating. I got bolder after school and pushed my way into a job at an airbrushing company. We did portraits all day on enlarged grey scale photos. After that I had my own airbrushing business while dabbling in oils and pastels. I also mastered the art of wool painting in Scotland and learned encaustic art in Seattle. While doing the online drawing course with OCA I stumbled upon my own individual style which I have been developing ever since.

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