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Bite Me

Gerna Sivewright

1 150cm x 120cm

You touch me you buy me

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The artwork “Bite me” by Gerna Sivewright is a striking and bold piece that falls under the genre of Pop Art, infused with elements of street graffiti. The canvas is alive with vibrant colors and a graffiti-style background, reminiscent of urban walls adorned with expressive and rebellious art.

Large, bold letters spell out the phrase “You touch me you buy me” conveying a strong message that demands respect and boundaries. The words are painted in a graffiti-like manner, reflecting the artist’s desire to make a powerful and unapologetic statement.

An angry-looking emoji-style face stares out at the viewer, adding an emotive and confrontational element to the artwork. The face’s expression serves as a warning, demanding that others treat the subject with respect and refrain from encroaching on personal boundaries.

Amidst the abstract graffiti background, the viewer can discern angry eyes and faces looking out from behind the layers of paint, creating an illusion that the wall has holes in it. This technique adds depth and complexity to the artwork, inviting viewers to explore the different layers of emotions and experiences represented within the piece.

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Gerna Sivewright

Art is more than just a form of self-expression; it is a profound journey that aims to resonate with the core of each viewer.

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