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  • Babra Allen - Fantasy Forest

    Fantasy Forest

    Babra Allen

    100cm x 100cm

    R 9,900
  • Simon Jones - Conference of the birds

    Conference of the Birds

    Simon Jones

    84,4cm x 64cm

    R 76,000
  • Daddy Nsakala - My Fingers are White

    My Fingers are White

    Daddy Nsakala

    120cm x 100cm

    R 25,000
  • Babra Allen - Glamorous Enchantments

    Glamorous Enchantments

    Babra Allen

    120cm x 100cm

    R 12,900
  • Claire Denarié-Soffietti - Libellules


    Claire Danarié-Soffietti

    130cm x 80cm

    R 190,000
  • Johan Alberts - Fuchsia Folami - Honour and Respect me

    Fuchsia Folami – Honour and Respect me

    Johan Alberts

    77cm x 77cm

    R 14,000
  • Johan Alberts - Akono in this pop art based off Wood's "American Gothic"

    Akono, My Turn

    Johan Alberts

    59.4 x 42cm (A2)

    R 2,200
  • Claire Denarié-Soffietti - Olive Branch

    Olive Branch

    Claire Danarié-Soffietti

    120cm x 80cm

    R 154,000
  • Claire Denarié-Soffietti - Wise Dade

    Wise Dade

    Claire Danarié-Soffietti

    130cm x 90cm

    R 200,000
  • Simon Jones - The Promenade

    The Promenade

    Simon Jones

    95cm x 80cm

    R 140,000
  • Driekie - Fundamental Waters

    Fundamental Waters


    120cm x 100cm

    R 30,000
  • Daddy Nsakala - Who's The Winner 2

    Who’s The Winner 2

    Daddy Nsakala

    120cm x 100cm

    R 25,000
  • Janine Glanz - Ski Slope

    Ski Slope

    Janine Glanz

    71cm x 71cm

    R 12,900
  • Tia Gerber - Open heart

    Open Heart

    Tia Gerber

    60cm x 60cm

    R 6,500
  • Victoria Rose - Forbidden Fruit

    Forbidden Fruit

    Victoria Rose

    130cm x 110cm

    R 29,000
  • Victoria Rose - The Watersedge

    The Watersedge

    Victoria Rose

    136cm x 75cm

    R 26,000
  • Simon Jones - Kite Surfers

    Kite Surfers

    Simon Jones

    88cm x 63cm

    R 110,000
  • Richard Scott - Go slow with me

    Go slow with me

    Richard Scott

    60cm x 60cm

    R 8,900

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