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R 950R 13,000

Liz in Old Gold


Ivan Smith

1 41cm x 41cm or 100cm x 100cm

A disguised image of iconic Liz Taylor

This artwork is commissioned and requires up to 7 days lead time before shipping

This artwork is sold not framed - Images of the framed artwork are for illustration purpose only.

I enjoy drawing parallels in my work by carefully designing many layers of references to add context, that refers to way more than just the visual content, this allows the viewer, over time to keep discovering new references in the work.
A disguised image of iconic Liz Taylor refers to a concealed identity, like many street artists conceals their identity and remain anonymous. Often to not get caught, because they paint illegally and could face prosecution. To remain anonymous, the artist would create a “tag” or “signature”, these “tags” were also the first most basic forms of graffiti but over time the use of images became popular and has elevated this art form to become the Italian renaissance murals of the 21st century But “anonymous art” urges the viewer to form their own opinions surrounding a piece, maybe you were drawn to this piece, only to see what brand sunglasses she wears. This is exact why luxury
brands today collaborate with street artists and use, what was first seen as vandalism, to promote their product and reach a new audience.
Todays Pop Art is hugely influenced by street art. Using similar references and mediums, it allows the viewer to now own a piece of this anonymous public art and bring it inside, into their own private space.

All art is packaged professionnally in boxes or cardboard packaging.

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In case of works that are not unique such as Prints or Photographs, you will know how many copies have been produced and each work will be signed by the artist.

Ivan Smith

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