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Stephan Cronje

Artwork by Stephan Cronje
Stephan Cronje - Goosebumps 2

120cm x 46cm

R 9,000

Stephan Cronje - Goosebumps 1

120cm x 46cm

R 9,000

Stephan Cronje - The Whisper

120cm x 70cm

R 12,000

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About the Artist

I work mainly in acrylic on canvas, in a contemporary abstract style

My work consists of big negative spaces and very colourful patterned spaces. The negative space is not just blank, but very much a part of the bigger picture, with just as much significance. Every painting is a play between light and shadow, with the colour component usually an exaggeration of the shadow.

I draw my inspiration from events or practices that give me goosebumps. Every painting begins with the drawing of a goosebump moment, stripped of clutter, and then deconstructed into light and shadow.

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